— PARENTS: You MUST sign in your student in the front office if your child arrives to school after 8:00 AM as this is school policy. —

IMPORTANT – Late Student Pickup

We have MANY students who are not getting picked up from school in a timely fashion. Although we understand that “life happens” we must offer some guidelines for this repeated situation that we find ourselves in. 10 or 20 students, almost daily, are hanging in the...

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IMPORTANT — Students Arriving at 8:00 AM or Later

Attention Parents! All students arriving at 8:00 AM or after require the parent/Guardian to park and escort their student(s) into the front office where the Parent/guardian will sign the student into school. This is a portion of the new Drop Off Processes we have...

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Upcoming Events!

  • Thanksgiving Lunch at school, Friday, November 17. Attendees MUST pre-purchase tickets!
  • Saturday School, Saturday, November 18. If you received notification that your child is to attend, please arrive by 8:30. We will take attendance.

Thursday Folder 11.16.2017

Click HERE to Download or Print CONTENTS: Thanksgiving Break MySchoolBucks Thanksgiving Lunch Pre-Sale Tickets NVA Jackets Deadline Saturday School Amass the Grass Regular Governing Council Meeting Click HERE for the 2017-2018 Thanksgiving Lunch Ticket Order Form...


M, T, TH, F  8AM-3PM
Staggered Release:
K           2:45PM
1st         2:50PM
2nd        2:55PM 
3rd-8th 3:00PM
Staggered Release:
K           1:45PM
1st         1:50PM
2nd        1:55PM 
3rd-8th 2:00PM