Attention Parents!
All students arriving at 8:00 AM or after require the parent/Guardian to park and escort their student(s) into the front office where the Parent/guardian will sign the student into school.

This is a portion of the new Drop Off Processes we have implemented this year. The following is the full statement previously communicated via e-mail:


We wanted to thank everyone for a fantastic first day back as well as remind everyone of this year’s drop off policy for the mornings. This year all families must follow the following drop off policies:

  • Drop off time between 7:00 AM to 7:30AM – Student will be dropped off at the south door of the Cafeteria
  • Drop of time between 7:30 Am and 7:55 AM – Student will be in the shopping center parking lot at the rear gate.
  • Drop off time after 7:55AM – Students can be dropped off in the front office.
  • Classes start at 8:00 AM. Students arriving after 8:00 AM – Parents must park and accompany their student into the front office to sign in their student with office staff. Do not use the fire lane in the front of the school to park.

We thank you all for your compliance of the above and your help in making this a great year!