This is the beauty of a charter school; the development of a program that addresses the needs of its

students, and of course a supportive community. Thank you for being on the journey with us.

Report cards will be sent home with students each quarter. Kindergarten has their own report card based

on Common Core and developmental appropriateness. Following is some important information for 1 st

through 8 th grade families to help you fully understand the report cards and the educational reasoning

behind some of the changes you will see;

 The report card is fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Under each curriculum

area there will be the main strands of study. Students will be assigned a grade for each strand.

If a strand has not yet been addressed, that will be indicated. For example, Social Studies for

grades 1 through 8 (for New Mexico) include the following strands –

o History

o Geography

o Government & Civics

o Economics

At each grade level there are specific standards and benchmarks appropriate to that level. You

can see the standards at a variety of websites, such as if you want more

specific or comprehensive information.

 Grades will now also be aligned with the language that the Common Core State Standards use.

Grades will be

o A – Advanced – students performing well beyond grade level standards.

o P – Proficient – students performing grade-level work with consistency.

o NP – Nearing Proficient – students with a conceptual introduction, but inconsistent

in application.

o E – Emergent – students not yet able to understand a concept which has been


 Students will also be given marks for Work Habits and Personal Development on their report

card. Those marks will be the traditional marks that you may be familiar with –

o + indicates Excellent progress

o indicates Satisfactory progress

o – indicates Improvement Needed

 Report cards will also provide absence and tardy information as they have in the past.

There is a big difference between work completed and standard proficiency. It is important to help our

parents understand that difference. Report cards are beginning to serve a different purpose in our school

society. They now are more of a formative information record of where a student is with regard to

“proficiency” and no longer the summative report that illustrates simply a snapshot in time. The

standardized testing seems to fulfill that role now as students need to pass to graduate. Interesting.